Internet Solutions to Consider In Rural Areas of Michigan State


The internet seems ubiquitous today. However, there are still some areas around the country that do not have a lot of options. For instance, if you’re in a rural area of Michigan, you may find yourself out of luck with traditional methods. Living in the big city, there are several companies that will no doubt fight for your business. But when you’re far away from the city’s epicenter, what will you be able to do in order to get online? That’s the thing that most people ask, and few really understand. However, there are a few ideas that can get you hooked up to the internet faster, and it starts with mobile technology.

The Smartphone Route

The first thing that you can look into is simple, getting a smartphone. You’ll be surprised with what can occur when you look into getting internet in rural areas. Purchase a smartphone and data plan, and then once you have those, you can turn your phone into a wireless router. That’s right, you can use your 4G or 3G connection to run internet from any laptop or desktop that has a wireless card attached. This is a simple and easy way to connection. It’s not the fastest, mind you, but it’s something that works in a lot of smaller communities.

Satellite Internet Providers

One of the best ways that you can get internet in rural areas of Michigan State is through satellite. Satellite television is a standard, but did you know that you can get wireless internet through these same companies? Your speeds may be a little slower than broadband connections, but you could still connect to the internet with relative ease. You’ll need to have a dish installed, and a receiver to get the signal but once that is installed, you will be able to move forward with internet service.

Local Providers

Look online for providers in your area. The phone company that you have nearby could allow you to connect via DSL. DSL can run through fiber optic cables, as well as traditional phone lines, but the speeds are limited. Even with the limited speeds, you can still stream simple videos and music with ease. It may not rival the broadband that many companies provide in larger cities but it’s a starting point that you may not otherwise have in a smaller locale.

As companies get to planting and distributing fiber optic cable, you’ll find that the options will rise exponentially in rural areas. If you’re in a small community in Michigan State, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll get higher speeds but until then, consider the above options.


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