Difference Between Wireless & Wi-Fi


Although the vast majority of people will use wireless and WiFi to describe the same thing, there is actually a difference between these connections. Although WiFi is a connecting to the internet sans wires, it is not the same as being wireless.

Wireless is a term that describes the use of wireless and mobile devices, such as smartphones, that can connect to the internet through ones mobile service provider. If we are to use the wireless connection provided through our smartphones by our mobile communications company, we still need to be conscious that there can be a cost associate with the use. The providers of our wireless internet connection offer paid options for our data usage on their network.

Wifi stands for wireless fidelity. The main use of Wifi is to connect our computers to the internet without connecting the physical computer to the wall jack outputting our internet from our service providers. Wifi results from connecting a wireless router to the modem using an Ethernet cable.

Although the main use of WiFi is for connecting computers to the internet wirelessly, many other devices can also take advantage of this connection. Although our smartphones have the ability to connect to the wireless internet mentioned above, they can also be connected to a WFi network. By connecting a smartphone to a WiFi network, the effect would be less use of our service providers wireless service. WiFi can save money for those who use a lot of internet of their mobile devices, be it smartphones or even tablets that are connected to a service provider for wireless usage.

Using a router in our home and office allows the internet connection from our ISP (internet service provider) and use it wirelessly through WiFi. Doing this allows multiple devices and/or computers to access the internet connection at one time. WiFi also allows the devices connected to it, to connect to each other when the devices themselves have the capability.

The wireless connections we have are controlled by the service provider and those using it are at the mercy of that provider should troubles arise. WiFi connections are controlled by the owner or administrator. The person can control the password, name, who has access and how some date is exchanged.  See free comparison of wireless internet providers at compareutil.com. It is very informative website to see variety of Internet service plans.

WiFi and wireless are two ways of allowing our devices to be constantly connected to the world wide web in today’s information age.


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